I received a unique email from a Run for the Fallen friend about the United States Honor Flag.  A US flag flown over Ground Zero post 9.11.01 is being flown at memorial services in honor of those who have lost their life in the line of duty protecting our lives, our homes, and our country. For more about the US Honor Flag, please visit ushonorflag.org

My friend included an email from the American Airlines pilot who flew the US Honor Flag from Miami to Nashville for a memorial service, and I wanted to share his words about the event.

“I had an interesting flight yesterday. There is group called The US Honor Flag. They have the flag that flew over the World Trade Center Site after 9/11. [sic]1  They take it around the country to have it flown for funerals of fallen servicemen, police, fire fighters, etc. On Wednesday my flight was to take the flag from Miami to Nashville. It was a big event with a formal transfer ceremony of the flag from the Miami police to me, a water cannon salute of our aircraft as we left, and then a similar ceremony when we landed in Nashville. It then flew for the day and night over the State Capital of Tennessee.

Here are a couple links, one about the organization and one a Miami TV story about the event.”

Organization: http://ushonorflag.org/
News Video: http://cbs4.com/video/?id=72716@wfor.dayport.com

1 Flag flown over Ground Zero post 9.11.01.