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Veteran’s Day 5k

On November 14th, three days after the America celebrates Veteran’s Day, there will be a Run for the Fallen (Veteran’s Day 5k) event held at Camp Slayer in Baghdad, Iraq at 6am. Shadow run this event! Anyone wishing to shadow run during this event, may begin on November 13th at 8pm (PST) or 11pm (EST)….

Run for the Fallen Shirts

‘RUN FOR THE FALLEN’ T-SHIRTS & SWEATSHIRTS are now available online at http://www.cafepress.com/tothemthatsgone – the proceeds will go toward the completion of the documentary. •Keep up to date with documentary news on Facebook. •For more about To Them That’s Gone, the Run for the Fallen documentary, please visit the film’s website: tothemthatsgone.com

Run for the Fallen: ME news video

Local TV news covers 2009 Run for the Fallen: ME

July 4th: New Video

TO THEM THAT’S GONE “Day 50: Running for Evan Bixler” from Film for the Fallen LLC.July 4 marks the day when our Declaration of Independence was ratified and signed by our founding fathers. The first public reading of the declaration took place in Philadelphia’s Independence Square on July 8. The bell in Independence Hall, then…

Lone Star Trail of Heroes: Run Across Texas

Inspired by the sacrifice of military men and women whose lives were lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, an Austin-based 501 (c) 3 organization, OPERATION HONOR OUR HEORES, was formed to assist wounded warriors and veterans and their families. To accomplish the organization’s mission, a team of runners will embark on a cross country run this…