Right now, thousands of people are gearing for the Seattle Marathon in November. Some are running for personal achievement, others to compete, and some even are running for a cause. One such runner decided to enter for Run for the Fallen. This November 29, 2009 Jenn Roberts will be lacing up her shoes to “run for all the fallen soldiers in Washington State.”

Jenn completed her first marathon in 2007, a major feat considering Jenn has been diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). She raced without her wheelchair and completed the marathon despite excruciating pain. “I proved to myself that I could, and so I could stop feeling sorry for myself. I [wanted to] start dealing with my pain in a proactive way. I had started hobbling around a little every day eventually making it around the block then around the corner and it soon became miles!”

After completing the marathon in 2007, Jenn decided to compete again, but this time, it wasn’t just about her. “I decided that I wanted to find something that I could lend my many miles I do in a year towards that would mean something… because my husband is former Army and I was also an Army Brat.”

To send Jenn a message, or to join her on race day, please visit Jenn at:
http://www.facebook.com/mikenjennm. You can also follow her progress on race day, online. Learn more.

We wish Jenn the best in Seattle on November 29; we will be cheering her on. Hooah!

For more about the Seattle Marathon, please visit:

It is also of note that this year’s Seattle Marathon will feature a shadow run in Baghdad. Learn more. Portions of these special shirt sales will go towards the Wounded Warrior Project.