Run for the Fallen: TX held their run this year on March 20.

Here’s a note about this year’s run from Melinda and Steffani, the two co-organizers:
“At six in the morning, the weather was promising; Steffani and I thought we were going to have another beautiful day for our Run. By 7:30, I was panicked. The temperatures had started to drop, the wind had picked up and the rain began to fall. I worked to hold back tears of disappointment as I thought of all the time and effort taken by so many caring people to help put this Run together. Not to mention the representatives from several organizations who flew in from Connecticut, DC and California to be a part.

But just before 9, the start time, the skies began to clear. As I looked over the crowd, I was amazed and touched by the amount of people who came out despite the weather. Children, elderly men and women and others were ready to honor and remember. And although the crowd wasn’t as large as we had anticipated, I couldn’t believe how many were actually there in this cold, monsoon-type weather.

That is when it hit me. Honor and respect for our fallen is not an option for so many of us. These incredible participants had a stand to take and proudly did so. As only God can do, the skies did clear and the winds died down during the Run. As the last of the participants were leaving, rain drops began again and the wind started blowing.

It seems so insignificant to say, “Thank you” to all of you who came to honor and remember. It means so much more to Steffani and I than those words convey. We are humbled to be a part of such a wonderful community of patriots.

Event pictures will be coming soon to our website. I’ll let you know when they are posted.”

Melinda and Steffani

Well spake Melinda. Thank you for putting the run together and giving your area the chance to remember.