Wow.The trip has been amazing, wonderful, heartbreaking, indescribable, peaceful, and everything in between. Every mile is humbling, and every mile makes me pause and reflect. I smile.On June 17, I ran with Greg Oliver and Chris Bates, both retired service members, and running for service members like Jesse Alan Givens, who was highlighted in “A Final Salute”, left me speechless.There are so many moments and positive things the team has to share throughout the day that it would impossible to place them all here. From running with Chris and Amy McIntyre who flew down from San Francisco to run for Capt. Tim McGovern (KIA Oct. 31, 2007) to meeting Joe & Laura Landaker, parents of 1st Lt. Jared M. Landaker (KIA Feb. 7, 2007), to today’s beautiful sunrise near Warner Springs, CA I am so very grateful. The team has so many more moments to share too. We have been focused on running, and we have now run for over 300 service members.My apologies for not updating the blog with regular frequency. In running with the heat, preparing for the next day, and staying focused, we will update when we can. Thank you for your patience.All the best. Please continue to tell your story.