In the midst of tallying miles, and I am taking a quick break. After having visited Salem, OR on Tuesday for an Honor & Remember ceremony and heard countless stories of George’s journey across the US, I found it fitting that I came across an awards contest that celebrates those who give back to their community. The Stay Classy Awards has two categories that I think aptly fits George and the Honor & Remember team, Volunteer Award and Most Effective Awareness Campaign. George has traveled to over half the 50 states in the past few months, and has had state legislators from each state sign his petition for adopting the Honor & Remember flag (for more on Honor & Remember’s mission, please visit His journey is a worthy one, and one that should be given more attention than it has. Getting this mission more attention through a national outlet (even if it’s a competition) is worth the five minutes it takes to nominate someone.

If you have a moment, please visit the site and nominate George/Honor & Remember for his unwavering dedication and noble mission.

Now, back to the grind.