“Deployed Run for the Fallen” is a run that occurred in SW Asia. 13 hours and 2000 miles. Below are the details from one of the run organizers: Jason Torres.

All the runners are currently deployed at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia. Our base is comprised of US Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, DOD contractors and coalition partners. Our goal and purpose carry on much of the same message that the original “Run for the Fallen” stood for. We focused on keeping the memories alive of our fallen brothers and sisters-in-arms. We also paid special attention to educating our audience about Gold Star families, as well as encouraging the runners to start building connections with GS families as they return back to their home stations.

Our game plan was to build the framework for a run that could be repeated annually at this deployed location; essentially leave a legacy that can be carried on by future deployed service members. A 12 hour portion of the run would focus on US “Fallen Heroes” that died in support of OIF/OEF within the following dates: 9/11/2001-12/31/2003. We put together 24 teams of 8 or more runners that would dedicate three miles to 24 “Fallen Heroes.” We had one team start every thirty minutes to ensure there would be runners on the road at all times for a 12 hour period. Each team held eight small US flags in hand with a “Fallen Hero’s” picture and bio attached. We ran for 581 “Fallen Heroes” during the first 12 hours; the first flag posted was for 1LT Michael Cleary and the rest the flags were in honor of “Fallen Heroes” from
(We know Lt Cleary did not pass during the years mentioned, but we wanted to
honor him due to his connection to the RFTF)

The 25th team ran for the 582nd “Fallen Hero” in the 13th hour and the final leg of our run. The final flag, #582, belonged to the first member that died at our deployed location. A team of 40 runners, from the “Fallen Hero’s” Civil Engineering squadron ran the final leg in his honor. We ended the run with a 5K that was opened up to the rest of the base. In addition to the team of 40 Civil Engineers, we had 193 runners joins us for the 5K to close our event. Our final leg of this run was for all our “Fallen Heroes.” At the end of this 13 hour run, roughly 430 runners ran 1412 miles in honor of our “Fallen Heroes.” It was a truly humbling experience to see every runner’s pride as ran to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.