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Mileage count – 3rd Annual Run for the Fallen

This is the secondary count. While I may be still missing runs (unreported –, as well as a few runs scheduled for late September, including the upcoming NJ Run for the Fallen, we are closer to the actual number. Again, I am extremely happy to say that we’ve broken a new mileage record! 8300…

Run for the Fallen Documentary / “To Them That’s Gone”

As a follow-up to my previous post, below is the official letter from the Run for the Fallen Documentary film production crew. Again, I’ve attached the documentary project summary. —— Dear Friends: We are pleased to inform you that we have just launched a new website for “To Them That’s Gone”, the documentary of Run…

3rd Annual Run for the Fallen

Fellow run coordinators, runners, & friends, Next weekend marks an exciting moment in the history of Run for the Fallen. August 21/22 will be the 3rd National Run for the Fallen weekend, where runners from all across the country, from across the globe, come together and run/walk with one purpose in mind–to honor and remember…

Run for the Fallen Shirts

‘RUN FOR THE FALLEN’ T-SHIRTS & SWEATSHIRTS are now available online at – the proceeds will go toward the completion of the documentary. •Keep up to date with documentary news on Facebook. •For more about To Them That’s Gone, the Run for the Fallen documentary, please visit the film’s website:

2008 Run for the Fallen photos

Photos from Run for the Fallen, the 2008 run across America honoring our fallen service members. The sign cards were created by students from various schools across the US, from Maui to CT. Unless noted, all photos taken by Triona Dombroski-Fritsch. ©2008 [album id=1 template=compact]