While there are still some events being planned for this coming weekend and next month, I wanted to first start off by saying thank you to all who have participated in the 2nd annual Run for the Fallen. Nationwide, the event was a success. From the individual solo runs to the family gatherings to the large organized walk/runs, we couldn’t have done this without you. We are running to remember, and we hold and carry them with us (if not alongside us!) as we run.

Thank you as well to all those who ran and do not personally know a fallen service member. Your commitment to say, “I will never forget,” takes strength, and I want to specially thank you for participating.

Together, as of this past weekend, there were 5,023 participants from 35 states and four different countries including Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo. A total of 30,081 miles were run in honor & remembrance of our fallen. This year is a huge success, and I know that events around the country brought communities together. So thank you. Update, as of Sept 9, 2009, there were 5,416 participants and over 31,404 miles ran/walked.

The distance of the 2nd annual Run for the Fallen is equivalent to the same number of miles as a round trip from the US to Iraq (13,944 mi) and from the US to Afghanistan (14,822 mi). I understand runs are scheduled for next weekend and next month, and I will add these runs to our collective remembrance.

Thank you to everyone! for participating in this year’s Run for the Fallen, and for making it another year of heartfelt remembrance. United, we will never forget.

Jon Bellona
Director, Run for the Fallen

Pictures of 2009 events across the country can be viewed below:
Fort Carson, Colorado
Sebring, Florida